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Our first BMW project was a 2001 Titanium Silver 330i sedan. Since then, we have finished our 2004 Sapphire Black 330i ZHP Sedan. We also did a 1999 E36 M3 in between. Now, it is time to begin the next Project Cars, a pair of new 2008 335i Coupes. I have worked in the automotive industry for more than 15 years so I have had the chance to drive numerous brands of automobiles. I have to say, without a doubt, that BMW produces some VERY impressive cars and are a pleasure to own and drive.

In 2001, I started this site with the humble intentions of showcasing my car and posting some pictures. When I started modifying the car, I put all of the knowledge and experience I gained here for others to use. Since then, my330i.com has grown to become its own enthusiast community with hundreds of thousands of visitors from over a hundred countries worldwide. I am very thankful that I can help out others like myself. I hope I can continue to share my trials with everyone.

- Todd a.k.a. MarvelPhx

 May 18, 2010
This site is not dead! I am making final preparations on the 335i to get on the road for BIMMERFEST 2010! It is coming up on May 22, 2010 in Pasadena, CA. I realize it is my 9th trip in a row!

I have switched jobs, happily back in IT again, and plan to put some freshness back into my330i.com/my335i.com. More to come!


 April 25, 2009
BIMMERFEST 2009 is a week away!

I will be in attendance in the ESS Tuning booth. Since my last update: we have installed the RPi scoops, removed the ITG filter, installed the AFe filter system, installed brakes from R1 Concepts, installed AR Designs downpipes, and flashed the car to ESS Stage 4!

Recent dynos reported 375whp and 427wtq on 93 octane. It is a blast to drive! Come see it in the booth.

 January 21, 2009

And a happy one it is. I have the RPi Intercooler installed along with Stage 3 software from ESS Tuning. It is SILLY fast now! Smooth, like stock, but more power! The ITG filter and RPi Ram Air Scoops are on their way.

I also had a chance to install the Cool Carbon brake pads. Wow! Less dust, better modulation, and overall better feel. I don't think I want to spend $$$ on a BBK now.

 October 28, 2008
I am not dead! I have been so busy since I was laid off at the end of May job searching. I got a new better job, so I will get my schedule together and put all the 335i DIYs up.

I will work on new updates as well!

 March 25, 2008
I finished the DIY for the UUC SHORT SHIFT KIT on the 335i. I am slowly getting the others finished. I have so many!

 March 11, 2008
We have been busy little bees in the last month! So much to do! Don't worry, DIYs are coming on everything.

On my Graphite Project 3a 335i: we have installed the *entire* M Sport body kit, M3 spoiler, Black Kidney Grilles, Alarm, Aluminum Pedals, Steering Wheel, Shifter, Parking Brake, Turn Assist Bulbs, and Passport 8500 Hardwire on my car. Wheels and suspension are inbound.

At the same time on Pat's Montego Project 3b 335i: we have installed the M Aero Lip, M3 Lip Spoiler, 6500k Headlamps, Alarm, Black Bumper Grids, Passport Hardwire, Brushed Aluminum shifter and Parking brake with the BMW Performance Shifter lever. Also, his new LM-R wheels show up tomorrow for installation Thursday!

 February 14, 2008
St. Valentine's Day. My love has a new body! The full M Sport body kit from Germany arrived today. I want to thank the guys over at MWDesign for handling the transport and delivery. I am VERY impressed with the quality and how every little bit is included down to screws and clips. They carry lots of stuff. Check em out.

The body kit is at the paint shop and awaiting delivery of my E92 M3 Trunk Spoiler to spray everything at once. This should happen mid-next week.

This weekend will see the installation of the black grill slats and the posting of all the recent DIYs.

Next weekend will include all the interior BMW bits.

So much to come!

 February 7, 2008
The 2004 330i PROJECT CAR is for sale! Now is your chance to own it at a great price!

Also, the GARAGE page has been updated with the preliminary list of upgrades we have planned for the new 335i Project Car. The new UUC RSC335 exhaust looks fantastic and sounds even better. DIY and video coming this weekend.


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