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Completed 1/16/2002

Install UUC System*U Twin Silencer Exhaust

1 - Set of UUC System*U Twin Silencer Exhaust
     (UUC MOTORWERKS $640.00 part# SUE462)

Air or Electric Power Saw
Socket Wrench
6-9" Socket Extension
17mm Socket
13mm Socket

I originally did not want to change my 330i's stock exhaust. Only after hearing positive reviews and the ability to actually get my hands on one did I make the decision to go forward. This installation is quite simple:

1. The kit consists of the twin silencer section, two mandrel bent extensions and attachment hardware (Photo A).

2. Raise the car on a lift or by jacking it up and using jackstands. Here is the stock exhaust (Photo B).

3. There are two cross braces in the center of the car under the exhaust between the resonators. Make a mark about 1" behind the rear cross brace. This is where you will cut the factory exhaust off (Photo C).

4. Using an air or power saw (I used a DeWalt SawzAll), cut the pipes trying to keep the edges straight and smooth (Photo D).

5. On either side of your factory muffler are rubber hangers. Remove the (2) two 13mm bolts from each hanger mount. The outside mount may require a socket entension. Prepare to catch the exhaust system (Photo E) and be careful, it is quite heavy. Save the hanger bolts.

6. Remove the factory exhaust system.

7. If you need to, smooth the edges of your cuts with sandpaper or a file.

8. Remove the six (6) 13mm bolts securing the rear cross brace and remove it. Take the two smaller silver clamps and slide them over the cut ends of the remaining factory exhaust pipes (Photo F).

9. The two UUC pipe extensions are labelled "left" and "right". Left being driver's side (for US vehicles of course). Slide the split end of each pipe over its corresponding stock pipe. The should fit fairly snug (Photo G).

10. Pull the rubber hangers off the stock muffler and using the UUC supplied 13mm bolts, attach one to the outside of each of the hanger brackets of the UUC mufflers. Three washers are supplied to center the tips in your bumper cutout. I found that one on each side of the hanger was sufficient. I did not need the third.

11. Lift the twin silencer section into place and attach both mounts back into the floorpan. Tighten to 18 ft-lbs.

12. Slide the brass U-brackets over the ends of the silencer section and by rotating the extensions, slide the two sections together (Photo H).

13. You can twist this joint to raise the exhaust higher into the car. I actually pushed it up as far as it would go, then backed off a bit so as not to hit the rear drivetrain subframe during driving.

14. Bring the U-brackets forward to about 1/8"-1/4" from the end of the silencer section and tighten them down. You do not need excessive force here. Just tighten them good (Photo I).

15. Slide the front two silver clamps to the edge of the pipe and tighten with a 17mm socket. I rotated the clamps out a bit so the bolt would not hit the cross brace here. Again, excessive force is not needed (Photo J).

16. Replace the cross brace and bolt into place. Can you believe you are finished?? (Photo K)

17. This is the same angle from before with your brand new UUC System*U in place (Photo L)!

I have also included a few pictures of the completed exhaust from what your audience will see (Photos M - Q).

Photo A

Photo B

Photo C

Photo D

Photo E

Photo F

Photo G

Photo H

Photo I

Photo J

Photo K

Photo L

Photo M

Photo N

Photo O

Photo P

Photo Q

I thought my factory exhaust sounded just fine... until I put this UUC System*U on. WOW! Just starting the car is the fun! A deep, aggressive growl at idle while at speed it sounds refined and not too loud. It is really not much louder than the stock exhaust, which I am thankful for. I did not want it to try to compete with the ricer imports for most obnoxious exhaust. The tips are polished and staggered to match the valance angle in the rear bumper and the stock tips. Very nice construction and a simple install.

I highly recommend this for all 330i owners!

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