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Completed 1/1/2001

Replace amber front turn signal lens assemblies with clear.

1 - Clear Front Signal Set
     (TISCHER BMW $80 part #82 19 9 416 994)

Flat Head Screwdriver & Shop Cloth

This has got to be one of the easist modifications you can do to make a huge difference in the look of your BMW (besides removing the front license plate holder). The kit includes the 2 turn signal lenses along with the side marker lenses. Also, you will get 2 stick-on amber reflectors (these make the vehicle comform to FMVSS 108 which states that all vehicles must have a amber reflector visible from the side front of the vehicle). It is at your risk to skip the installation of these reflectors. I don't think I have seen a BMW sedan with clear lenses that has these reflectors installed yet.

1. If you look at the back of the clear lens you are about to install, you will see a set of plastic tabs with a rounded bowl on the tip (photo A).

2. Open the hood. Behind each lens on the car, you will see a small oval-shaped hole (photo B). Look down into this hole and you will see the small rounded bowl on the end of the lens tab. Use the screwdriver to push down on this tab while gently pulling on the lens from the front (photo C). It should pop out pretty easily with some leverage from the screwdriver.

3. Disconnect the electrical harness by squeezing the connector's release tab (photo D).

4. Snap the connector into the clear assembly.

5. Line the new lens up with the opening. There are two long tabs that fit into slots in the fender, and make sure the forks go into the fender rails (photo E).

6. Carefully press the lens into the opening. It should slide in flush with the headlamps and fender & not be loose.

7. Repeat on the other side.

When I first looked at the clear side marker lenses, I was worried that I would scratch my paint with a screwdriver. Not so!

8. Using the screwdriver, covered in a shop cloth, push the rear of the lens forward (photo F).

9. You will have to twist the assembly out of the fender and then squeeze the connector to remove it from the electrical harness(photo G). Be careful to not let the connector fall back in the fender!

10. Attach the clear lens to the connector (photo H).

11. Slide the lens into the hole front tip first (photo I).

12.Repeat on the other side.

Your done! Stand back and enjoy your new 330 look (photo J)!

Thanks to RHANTZ for the assistance with the photos.

Photo A

Photo B

Photo C

Photo D

Photo E

Photo F

Photo G

Photo H

Photo I

Photo J


Fad or not, on my silver 330i, these make a world of difference in it's appearance. I didn't even know the clears were available when I got my car. They look much classier and European over the ambers. I am completely satisfied with them. Also, make sure you get OEM clears from BMW. Do not use other brands or aftermarket, they just don't fit as well.

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