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Repair/replace fog lamp assembly and/or bulb.


Flat Head Screwdriver & Shop Cloth
8mm Nut Driver

I had a rock destroy one of my fog lamp lenses. My insurance covered the part and I chose to replace it myself. I saw some request online for help on this procedure, so here ya go...

1. Each fog lamp housing has a tab cut in the cover (Photo A). Using a protected (the shop cloth) flat head screwdriver, gently pry the cover from the bumper (Photo B). It is only snapped in.

2. Remove the cover and look into the inboard side of the lamp housing. There is a screw holding the fog lamp to the bumper (Photo C).

3. Use the 8mm Nut Driver to remove this screw (Photo D).

4. Pull the fog lamp from the bumper (Photo E).

5. The electrical harness connector can be removed by squeezing the plug (Photo F).

6. Twist the bulb counter-clockwise to remove from the fog lamp (Photo G).

Reverse the steps to replace the assembly. Be careful not to lose the screw while replacing it!

Photo A

Photo B

Photo C

Photo D

Photo E

Photo F

Photo G

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