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Completed 4/21/2004

Install BMW Clear Rear Turn Signals. These are imported from Germany as they were not available for purchase from BMWNA.

1 - BMW Clear Rear Turn Signal Set (Actual OEM)
     (MAXIMILLIAN IMPORTS part #63-21-0-141-573)
1 - Solaris Electrum InvisiBulbs (optional)
     (BIMMIAN $50)

10mm Socket Driver

The "facelift" (post mid-2002 MY) cars have lamps in the trunk lid, so there are a few extra steps to these new taillight installations.

1. Open the trunk. On the back of the taillamp assembly is a knob. Twist this about a 1/4 turn to release the bulb housing (Photo A - Red Circle).

2. Disconnect the wiring harness (Photo B).

3. The center bulb is your turn signal. Your new taillamps should have come with a new bulb assembly that likely has the amber bulb in place. You can leave the amber bulb or change it at this time for a mirrored/silvered bulb. You can see the factory amber bulb in the new bulb housing and then my new Solaris bulb next to it (Photo C).

4. You will likely want to pull back the trunk carpeting to make these steps easier. On the passenger side, you will have to pull the green fuel filler door release out a bit and take the end off. It just seperates from the cable. Then pull the carpeting back from the taillamp assembly.

5. There are three 10mm nuts holding the taillamps in. One is accessed through a hole in the trunk trim. Pop out the cover (Photo D).

6. Remove these 3 nuts and get ready to catch the taillamp assembly or it will fall out (Photo E - Red Circles).

7. Switch in the new clear taillamp assembly and replace the 3 nuts.

8. Reattach the wiring harness and install the new bulb housing. Repeat on the other side.

9. This is where the extra trunk lid lamp assemblies come into play.

10. Pull two of the trim plugs out and save them (Photos F & G).

11. Peel down the trunk lid liner and find the tab holding the bulb housing in place. Press this to release (Photo H).

12. Another 10mm nut holds this reverse lamp assembly in place. Remove it and exchange the lamp assembly to clear (Photo I - Red Circle).

13. Snap the bulb housing back into place and re-install the trunk lid carpet and trim plugs.

14. Repeat for the other reverse lamp.

15. This is your finished product (Photo J).

Photo A

Photo B

Photo C

Photo D

Photo E

Photo F

Photo G

Photo H

Photo I

Photo J


A major improvement over the original amber indicators! This really made the car look sharp and clean and it is easy to do.

  © MarvelPhx