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Completed 4/11/2004

Install an Alpine 6-Disc MP3 CD Changer. I wanted the ability to play MP3s from the factory deck and this is a good solution. With some neat toys, it makes it completley possible.

1 - Alpine CHA-S634 6-Disc C Changer
     (LOGJAM ELECTRONICS $239.95 part #CHAS634)
1 - Alpine KCA-130B Ai-Net to M-bus Adapter
     (LOGJAM ELECTRONICS $14.95 part# KCA130B)
1 - Blitzsafe BMW/ALP DMX V.1
1 - BMW CD Changer Side Mounting Kit (if needed)
     (TISCHER BMW $50 part# 82-11-1-470-436)
1 - BMW CD Changer/NAV Trunk Carpet Liner (if needed)
     (TISCHER BMW $60 part# 51-47-8-266-561)

8mm Socket Driver
Phillips Screwdriver

This is an insteresting DIY installation. It is also important to note that I purchased this CD Mount Kit before I took delivery of the car. It turned out that the new car had the mounting kit already installed, so I will explain how I put the kit I bought together (even though I didn't have to use it) in the first section and then refer you to better installation instructions.

If you already have the CD Changer mount kit installed, go to the bottom of this page and head to the next section.

1. We are going to assemble the CD Trunk Mounting Kit. Lay all the pieces out.

2. You should have the two main supports, a cross support, a lower tray, a storage bin, and a bag of hardware (Photo A).

3. Inside the hardware bag, you should hve 8mm screws, metal clips, and two trim plugs (Photo B).

4. Begin slipping the metal clips over the holes in the side supports (Photo C).

5. This support is finished (Photo D).

6. Both sides will use six (6) metal clips to begin (Photo E).

7. Using two (2) 8mm screws, connect the side support to the cross brace (Photo F).

8. Connect the other side support to the cross brace using two (2) more 8mm screws (Photo G).

9. Open the trunk and remove the carpet and load tray (Photo H).

10. Remove the two trim plugs from the carpet on the driver's side and pull back the carpet (Photos I & J). You will notice that if you don't have the kit already installed (like I did in the pictures), your trunk liner will look different.

NOTE: At this point, installing the CD Mount Kit was unnecessary in my Project Car, so the I refer you to starting at step 11 to complete this installation. Pay special attention to step 26 as you have to have the Alpine selector switch in the right location!


Photo A

Photo B

Photo C

Photo D

Photo E

Photo F

Photo G

Photo H


The Alpine CD Changer is fantastic! I don't have any problems and I can control it from the steering wheel. I have learned to only put about 120 songs on a MP3 CD as clicking from track-to-track can take a while with much longer. The Alpine unit ignores folders and directories so all files will be in one long song playlist. Other than that, I am highly satisfied as I have yet one more audio input source with superior quality sound!

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