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Completed 10/5/2004

Install BMW Club Sport Splitters. The ZHP front bumper is technically the M-Tech II design. BMW carries a set of lower front air splitters to give the ZHP bumper a more aggressive appearance while providing a bit of front downforce. They come in flat black plastic and will have to be painted to match your car.

1 - BMW Club Sport Splitter/Side Wall (left)
     (TISCHER BMW $156.00 part #51 11 7 895 563)
1 - BMW Club Sport Splitter/Side Wall (right)
     (TISCHER BMW $156.00 part #51 11 7 895 564)
3M Adhesive Exterior Tape
#12 x 1/2" Metal Screws (6)
#12 Self-Sealing Bonded Washers (6)

Phillips Screwdriver
1/8" Drill Bit & Drill -OR- Pocket Reamer

This is pretty easy to do yourself. It is easier if you jack up each side of the car to make it simpler to get under the front bumper.

1. Wipe the lower parts of the bumper with alcohol or other paint-safe cleaner.

2. These are the painted pieces ready to go (Photo A). Notice the raised mounting holes (Photo A1 - Red Circles). Test fit the pieces on the bumper to see how they sit in place.

3. Starting on one side, while holding the splitter in place, use the drill bit or reamer to make marks in the underside of the bumper where the 3 holes of the splitter end up (Photo B). The reamer in the photos is from my R/C car toolbox. It is used to make holes in R/C car bodies and can be purchased at most hobby stores if you choose to use one. It was extremely effective.

4. Remove the splitter and open up the holes a little bit, not too much. The #12 mounting screws need something to bite into (Photo C).

5. I chose to sand down the mounting points to give the tape a better surface to adhere to (Photo D). You can also rough up the area around the holes you made in the bumper to do the same thing.

6. Cut some pieces of adhesive tape and place on the inside of the splitter mount points (Photo E). I also added a couple small pieces to the ends to hold it in place better once mounted (Photos F & G). Make sure you use the heavy-duty outdoor 3M adhesive tape from a home store like Home Depot or Lowe's.

7. Remove the adhesive tape backing from all the pieces you added and the piece on the splitter itself (Photo H).

NOTE: This 3M tape is serious stuff, be careful with this next step! Once the tape touches the bumper, it is difficult to adjust the splitter's position.

8. Carefully put the splitter in position and seat it against the bumper (Photo I). It will easily hold itself in place.

9. Take the screws and put washers on them (Photo J).

10. Using three (3) of the #12 screws per side, attach the splitter to the bumper (Photo K).

11. Give the splitter a nice firm press into the bumper to seat the tape.

12. This side is complete. Repeat for the other side.

You're done! Step back and enjoy your new splitters. Notice that they lower the ground/curb clearance of your bumper even more, so use caution over driveways and speed bumps. See the difference (Photo L).


Photo A

Photo A1

Photo B

Photo C

Photo D

Photo E

Photo F

Photo G

Photo H

Photo I

Photo J

Photo K

Photo L


I looked into the many front lip spoilers and splitters available, from molded sets to carbon fiber and there isn't much out there for the new ZHP bumper. Besides, I really like the look and function of these Club Sport Splitters. They are reasonably priced and fit perfect. I think their appearance alone speaks for their use on the Project Car and I have noticed that they do actually provide come front end stability at speed. Downforce is a wonderful thing!

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