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Completed 4/18/2004

Install H&R PCS adjustable height/dampening suspension components.

     (EVOSPORT $1649 part #HRS.SUS.B46.C08)

Floor Jack/Lift
Wheel chocks
Jack Stands
Lug Wrench/Impact Wrench
Spring Compressors
10mm Wrench x 2
13mm Wrench/Socket
16mm Wrench/Socket x 2
18mm Wrench/Socket
21mm Socket
22mm Socket
Bungee Cord
Spray Lubricant/Anti-Seize Compound

This suspension is so similiar to the Bilstein PSS9 system that I chose to only document the differences between the two on this DIY. The only visible major difference is the rear spring perches. Use the PSS9 DIY for installation instructions then refer to this page for any changes.

These steps go along with the same numbered steps in the PSS9 DIY.

Page 1 - Step 4. The H&R rear spring perches come assembled (Photo A), but will need to be taken apart to install. Using lock-ring pliers, remove the lock rings on both screws (Photo B). Save them to put back in place once perches are in.

Page 1 - Step 8. I used the JT Designs Rear Shock Mounts again. Remove the nut from the stock shocks. Pull off the stock shock mounts and replace with the JT mounts (Photo C). Make sure to bring the large cupped washer to the new mount (Photo D).

Page 2 - Step 9. Seperate the lower nuts on the H&R spring perch. These fit above and below the control arm to clamp the arm between them. BIG NOTE: USE ANTI-SEIZE COMPOUND on ALL rear perch threads. There isn't an easy way of tightening them with any tool, so I just twisted them together as tight as I could by hand. There is a 6mm Hex set screw to tighten the pieces together (Photo E).

Page 2 - Step 10. Screw the perch cap down into the lower nuts. This is what adjusts your height. Make sure you place one of the black plastic slip discs on top to keep the spring from turning the perch (Photo F).

That is about the only difference between the systems. I have a picture of the completed front strut (Photos G) if you'd like to see them.

Adjusting the fronts is the same as the PSS9s. The strut body is exactly the same, although the internal valving may be different with H&R. The rears utilize a hex key socket in the underside of the perch. You unload the suspension, remove the shocks and twist the perch from under the control arm. Please read the REVIEW below for more information.


Photo A

Photo B

Photo C

Photo D

Photo E

Photo F

Photo G


AGAIN, the best mod you can get! The ride is similiar to what I got with the Bilstein PSS9s, perhaps just a tad bit stiffer. The H&Rs come with the adjustment spanner wrenches in the box, which is nice. Overall, once again, the best performance mod and the first one to do after getting performance tires.

The biggest difference between the Bilsteins and H&Rs is the rear spring perch design. After adjusting the rear perches the first time, they cracked and split open. The metal around the hex key hole in the bottom of the perch was too thin and even with the suspension unloaded and shocks disconnected, they split. Thanks to Evosport, a larger replacement set was quickly sent to me from the M3's PCS kit. They have a smaller hex key hole which means more metal around the edges. When I removed the original thin to install the thicker version, an install note was made to use anti-sieze (noted above). The original perch's metal pieces had seized together and even hand tight, they were not coming out. I had to cut the old rear perches apart with a Dremel (see inset photo). It took about 2 hours. I put anti-seize on the threads of the new M3 perches during installation and they are just fine to adjust and install/remove.

I have also seen evidence of the original-sized rear perches actually cracking off pieces of the spring lip. The beefier M3 version I have now appears to have solved these problems. Use the photo to the right to see the difference in the size of the hex key holes.

In the end, the H&R PCS is so close to the Bilstein PSS9s that if I had to choose on performance, I wouldn't be able to. They are really that similiar. If you catch a great deal on the PCS system, pick it up, you won't be disappointed in the performance. Just make sure you get the new rear perches!

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