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Install lower aluminum trim piece in 4-spoke sport steering wheel.

1 - Aluminum Steering Wheel Trim
     (TISCHER BMW $60 part #32 30 1 096 827)

Two long thin Flat Head Screwdrivers
#20 Torx Driver, NOT a bit driver
10mm Nut Driver

If you have the aluminum trim on your 330i interior, this simple modification will enhance your interior. It is only for the original 4-spoke Sport Package steering wheel. BMW also carries this trim in wood
(part #32 30 1 097 222) and the installation is the same.

1. First disconnect the battery. It is not safe to remove or handle the airbag components live. The battery is in the trunk on the passenger side under the black cover. Lift the spare tire cover. Twist and remove the two fasteners holding the battery cover on. Using the 10mm Nut Driver, loosen the nut on the negative (black) side until you can disconnect the cable (Photo B). Move it somewhere where it won't come back into contact with the battery terminal on accident.

2. Now, look behind the horizontal spokes of the steering wheel. There is an indentation on either side that has a tiny slit in it. This is where you want to insert your flat head screwdriver (Photo C). The idea is to use the screwdriver to compress the air bag retainer springs. You might want to look ahead at Photo F and look at the blue arrows. Gently feel around with the tip of the screwdriver until you can press in and the spring presses back. This is easiest to find when the screwdriver is slightly higher than horizontal.

3. While pressing in on one side, pull on the airbag assembly by the edges. I found that once it feels like the spring is all the way compressed that you must press just a bit harder and the airbag will push towards you. Repeat again on the other side. You might have to switch back and forth or get a friend and push both sides at once. This is the airbag unit (Photo E).

4. You do not have to disconnect the airbag. Just place it on top of the steering column or something like I did. Be careful not to scratch anything with the airbag unit screws.

5. There are two Torx screws on either side inside the opening. Refer to (Photo F) and look for the red arrows. Remove these two screws (Photo G).

6. There are two Torx screws behind each bottom spoke. As far as I can tell, these are captive screws and won't come all the way out. Loosen them both all the way (Photo H).

7. Carefully lift the entire trim assembly up and out from under the upper rim of the steering wheel. Both the top and bottom trim pieces have to come out. Take note of the small white plug that you must disconnect (Photo I). Pass the airbag through the center of the trim and remove the trim from the car.

8. On the back of the trim assembly are 4 more Torx screws (Photo J). This is why you need the thin Torx driver. Remove all 4 screws (Photo K) and seperate the two halves.

9. Insert your new trim piece and replace the 4 screws. The rest of the install is just reversing what you have done. The only thing I should note here is that you must use the screwdrivers to compress the springs again to snap the airbag unit back into place. Reconnect your battery and start the car to test the horn. If it works, the airbag is back in the correct position. It looked like it stuck out more after, but it was my imagination.

10.Lean back and admire your new steering wheel (Photo L)!

Photo A

Photo B

Photo C

Photo D

Photo E

Photo F

Photo G

Photo H

Photo I

Photo J

Photo K

Photo L


I just love this modification. Simple, yet it is so damn classy. Reminds me of the old classic cars and their metal rings that functioned as horns. It blends extremely well with the aluminum trim. It is much smoother than the standard black trim, is prone to fingerprints, and has a tendency to get hot in the sun, but those are minor drawbacks to just how damn good it looks!

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