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Completed 10/17/2004

Install the Praxis Advanced Suspension from Bridgestone/Firestone.

1 - Praxis Adaptive Performance Suspension System
     (TIRERACK $3795)

Jack Stands
Floor Jack
Wheel Chocks
Some kind of compressed air
     (bicycle pump works great - but slow, portable air compressor, etc)
Scissors or Utility Knife
Electrical Tape
Masking Tape
Marking Pen
Silicone Sealant
Phillips and Flathead Screwdrivers
Wire/Side Cutters
Tape Measure
Electric Drill w/ 7/16" bit (long bit if possible)
Socket Wrench
Sockets from 8 to 19mnm
Torque Wrench
Standard Combination Wrenched 8 to 19mm
Loctite or some type of thread lock
Teflon Tape
Tire Pressure Guage


I would like to thank Praxis for making the manual as concise as possible. Numerous color pictures and descriptive elements made this install go very smoothly. The comments below are simply tips I learned along the way that may help you.

* Make sure you measure all hose lengths TWICE. There is more than enough air line, but don't cut yourself short.

* Make sure your cuts are straight clean edges.

* Don't be stingy on the taping the hose to the harness, I did it about every 6 inches.

* I chose not to install the "user interface" as in the Praxis manual, I trimmed my ashtray to let it fit there (Photo A).

* The ECU doesn't seem like it will fit behind the bar in the trunk, be patient, it will go back there.

* The ground terminal on the air-handling assembly is tricky, but they will indeed all fit on the stud.

* Pay special attention to the correct pieces when installing the ride height sensors. I orignally was trying to install the front brackets in the rear. This doesn't work!

* I had to reverse the way the lower bracket mounts to the front control arms, but it works the same.

* Be very careful with the rear spring area when installing the "jack nuts". I broke one clean off. They keep the air spring in place. Just get them snug.

* Praxis says 10psi should raise the car, it took me between 35-50psi to get the car off the ground.

* Double check that all your hoses connected to the valve block are in the correct port. I had the rear springs reversed and that makes it very difficult to setup the system. Once I corrected this, the setup of the system went easily.

* Setup is MUCH faster with one person add/removing air in the trunk and two people measuring the fender heights, one on each side. As you add air to one corner, it will change the other three heights, most noticably the opposite corner (cross-balance). If you have access to them, corner scales would be very handy at this point. You can load the car with a driver or ballast and balance the car exactly 50-50 or whatever you choose.

* MAKE SURE you get the alignment corrected as soon as possible. Ony my ZHP, they were only able to get -1.5 camber in the front, this is OK.

* For quick reference, here are the height specs from the manual (measured from bottom of wheel lip to fender):

17" Wheels561mm22 1/16"548mm21 5/16"
18" Wheels574mm22 9/16"561mm21 13/16"
19" Wheels586mm21 1/16"573mm22 5/16"

17" Wheels573mm22 9/16"560mm22 1/32"
18" Wheels586mm23 1/16"573mm21 17/32"
19" Wheels598mm21 9/16"585mm23 1/32"

17" Wheels598mm23 9/16"585mm23 1/32"
18" Wheels611mm24 1/16"598mm23 17/32"
19" Wheels623mm24 9/16"610mm24 1/32"

ALIGNMENT SPECS (get these set in TOURING mode!):

Camber-1.7° +/- 0.1°

-1.1° +/- 0.1°

Toe In
0 +/- 1/32"1/32" +/- 1/32"
0 +/- 1mm1 +/- 1mm
0 +/- 0.1°

0.1° +/- 0.1°

Total Toe In
(Cross Toe)
0° +/- 1/32"1/16" +/- 1/32"
0 +/- 1mm1.6 +/- 1mm
0 +/- 0.1°0.14° +/- 0.1°

The shocks are set by turning them fully clockwise as if looking up from the bottom, then counting clicks back counter-clockwise.

TOURING16 clicks15 clicks
SPORT7 clicks9 clicks
TRACK1 clicks5 clicks


Front height sensor and linkage

Rear height sensor and linkage

Front strut/air spring

Rear air spring and shock

Rear air handling assembly

Interface Unit in ashtray


See my full review of the Praxis Advanced Suspension HERE.

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